Smilax - The Name

Smilax Labs  is a genus of around 200 species of climbing medicinal plants - a vine that bears flowers and berries that have many therapeutic properties. It is commonly known as 'Sarsaparilla'.

The most striking feature of this plant is it's 'damage tolerance', as it is capable of growing back from its rhizomes even after being cut or burnt down. For centuries, the plant has been used to cure a number of diseases such as rheumatism, skin disorders, gout, arthritis, fever, cough, scrofula, hypertension, digestive disorders, and also as a general tonic for physical weakness and excess sweating.

Inspired by its unique characteristic of being immune to cataclysms and its wide-ranging therapeutic distinctiveness, this medicinal plant has inspired Ramky to excel in a wide range of therapeutic segments.

Hence the name Smilax Laboratories.